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Hosting in-person services We have in-person services every Sunday @9:15 and 11. Watch us on Facebook and YouTube! Come, enjoy, worship!

Our Purpose

What we believe at HRCLex about what it looks like to follow Jesus.

Our Purpose at HRCLex

We believe that a true Christ follower is one that actively seeks to achieve these four things: to grow in Christ, to connect with others, to serve with purpose, and to lead with passion.

Grow. Connect. Serve. Lead.

As staff at High Rock Church of Lexington, we strive to live our purpose every day, day in and day out, in order to show our families and our church what we believe a Christ follower should look like.


Growing in Christ is living each day seeking Him. Coming to Weekend Services is the first step. Digging into the word and prayer, and engaging with worship will help to grow your faith and deepen your relationship with God.


Connecting with others is the next step. At High Rock, we believe that faith is best when shared with others. Connecting means reaching out into community with other believers who will encourage you and lift you up, as well as keep you accountable.

We do this through our Connect Groups, in which you’ll find your community.


Serving with purpose is using your talents to serve others, whether it’s inside or outside the church. We’re called to serve the world so that everyone will know the love of Christ. So we take every opportunity to do just that. And it’s taylored just for you. Do you enjoy talking with people and getting to know them? You would be perfect for our First Impressions team. Enjoy technology and making things happen on stage? Our Worship Team and Production team are always welcoming new people.


Leading with passion is your chance to help people along their process. Leading with passion means teaching others to grow, connect, serve and lead. Opening your home to your connect group, leading a ministry, or just telling someone else how much God loves them is a great way to get started leading at HRCLex.

Got questions?

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